Nowadays the title or the company position of a person does not tell you anything except that he holds the position. Your reaction would most probably be “So what?”

There are many products that are sold by fanciful description of the products. And they are sold based on written words. The buyers most probably do not know the actual product and whether it works as portrayed until the buyer uses the product.

Insurance works in the same way. One can use fanciful words to describe how good a company is and what it can do or promises to do. They are able to do that because it is just “words”. Guess we know about the “face” value of words.

So I am not going to go into describing the tasks we can do for you, insurance tasks of course, but perhaps suggest that to know more about us

  • Ask or check with other people who know us
  • Check with the insurance companies, most of them know us
  • Test us out with a small task and see how we handle it

For a start, give me a call. or if you feel more comfortable, drop me an email. No promises but I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

Gerard Soong